Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A significant step towards CLEAN elections.

Many observers often say that the Philippines can never achieve any measure of positive change towards good governance simply because our leaders do not sincerely feel in their hearts the need to change things. For instance, we have a lot of legal charges against high government officials that when first reported created a solid media splash. But then...as days go by....it is pushed in the background. Soon, months pass and even years come and go and the cases supposed to be major violations like "plunder" by officials still remain unresolved. So one can conclude that there seems to be no political will to really do the right thing and see it to its conclusion.

A good example and current hot topic in the country is the newly-developed voting system that will use computer technology for the first time and not only speed up the process of voting and counting but minimizing the "human elements" that have for many years been well trained to manipulate the system itself. We Filipinos know the "dag dag bawas" indoor sport everytime the Philippines holds its elections. This phenomenon, an open secret, is evident onli in da pilipins!

BOTONG PINOY, the new mechanized voting system was developed by Rafael Garcia III who incidentally was the first member in my first Rotary Club that I got to know very well back in the mid seventies, and who was already "making waves" in the field of computer technology in the Philippines when computers were huge machines that occupied several rooms. Raffy, as he is known in the industry, has developed this voting system because he does love the country, romantic as the statement may sound.

However, inspite of the fact that Raffy has offered the use of the new technology for the coming elections FOR FREE there seems to be no apparent interest among the Comelec officials.

Needless to say, a number of thinking Filipinos had expected something like this reaction from the Comelec.

In fact, one technically oriented official who had gone through the dry run of the voting system remarked,

“They are systems that are so efficient, there is no room for graft. Equally, Botong Pinoy is meant to be an election system so efficient there is no time to cheat.”


At April 3, 2007 at 9:43 AM , Blogger annamanila said...

When Philippine governance and Philippine economy are discussed, I can't seem to say anything. I am numb. I am a hopeless romantic but find it difficult to romanticize the Philippines in this wise. I hesitate to indict the character of the Filipino .. enough said.

Thanks. I know expats still feel passionate about the ole country. Will read more about what you say .. and who knows ....


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