Monday, March 26, 2007

A Hero - an ordinary person doing extaordinary things


When the young doctor completed his medical course at the University of the Philippines, together with his wife, also a doctor, like most new young graduates, first opted to see how things were in America. After all with the new technologies being developed there in the field of Medical Science being in the cutting edge of new inventions would be a great advantage especially for a couple of excellently professional Filipino doctors. So they moved to the U.S. and pursued their practice - and naturally succeeded as most highly qualified doctors did.

Then after having served with his wife for several years they did something not many could easily fathom - both opted to pull up stakes and move back to the Philippines to continue their practice.

But aside from going back to his homeland, Dr. Bautista decided to run for public office!

Let us here from the doctor himself.

I am Martin D Bautista, MD one of the four candidates for the Senate. I attended the Ateneo de Manila for my elementary and high school education. I completed my BS Zoology in UP Diliman and stayed at the UP-PGH for my medical degree. My wife (who was a classmate in medical school) and I pursued both residency and fellowship training at the State University of New York in Brooklyn. I am an Internist-Gastroenterologist. For 10 years we lived in Guymon, Oklahoma a rural town of about 12,000 people. We built our own medical clinic and we would see up to 120 patients each day. After we were able to recruit 2 physicians, we moved our entire family back to the Philippines. We have 4 daughters.

Everyone who cares for me tried hard to dissuade me from this quixotic mission. You can read more from my blog that I began last year:

Let us all join together and pray hard for a miracle. The odds are super-long but for a miracle to occur you need to (1) ask for it and (2) be there to receive it.

I sincerely believe in our Cause. It is a noble one and I believe that we are doing God's work.
Martin D Bautista,MD

*I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Bautista and his cause. Try and pass this blogsite message to other Filipinos wherever they are. Tony

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