Wednesday, March 7, 2007

An Interesting wife and mother - Kathleen

I have often wanted to showcase one of our Joaquin relatives who is in the writing field.
With the passing of Uncle Nick I realize that not too many Joaquins in our age range are into writing at all.
For instance, Mikee, Bobby and GI's eldest son used to enjoy writing short stories even at the age of 8 using a computer program. He would also illustrate some of the characters using the same program for kids. But now that Mikee is in college and already working part time, I find that he enjoys to choreograph Hip Hop dances - and he does them very well indeed.
So, now I am happy to introduce a niece of mine, one of the daughters of PATRICIA JOAQUIN BURKHALTER. Her name is Kathleen. Reading h er blog postings will show you h ow much and well she is as a young writer. Aside from this skill, Kathleen is proud to state that she home schooled her own four daughters, while being a relevant wife to Bud her husband who works as an independent training consultant. Bud does travel out of the country quite often.


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