Wednesday, March 7, 2007


"I do not agree with the big way of doing things. Love needs to start with an individual. " Mother Teresa.


Among the little known but popular magazine dating back to the early twenties is READER'S DIGEST. The first ever in the prevous gentury to launch a new approach to publication which is to compress without losing the gist of a idea the READERS DIGEST collected significant articles, essays, and even speeches digested to fit one issue. This idea caught on and the magazine remains to be the leading digest magazine in the world today.

Over the decades since after World War I through this current period, RD has compiled a wealth of ideas through the materials they have - ideas that have been collected into a book by Stephen Covey.

The title of the book is EVERYDAY GREATNESS. (Inspiration to a Meaningful Life)

Published by Rutledge Hill Press under the copyrights of Franklin Covey Co., and The Reader's Digest, EVERYDAY GREATNESS can very well be transformed into a college syllabus for college students all over the world.

In his introduction, Stephen R. Covey avers:

"In a world where turmoil dominates the evening news and words of discouragement often prevail, I feel blessed to meet daily with individuals around the globe whose live convince me that there is an abundance of good among us."

Mr. Covey shares his joy by having been given the opportunity to have worked with law enforcers, military experts, civic administrators and medical professionals who sacrifice much and whose intentions are honorable.

The book rich with concepts and advice supported by case studies, is divided into a set of three ideas under a heading.

For instance one is SEARCHING FOR MEANING and below it are Contribution, Charity, and Attention. Then in the Chapter on TEAMING WITH OTHERS we see the subheads Respect, Empathy, and Unity.

Stephen R. Covey is an internationally respected leadership authority, family expert, teacher, organizational consultant and author who has dedicated his life to principle-centered living and leadership to built both families and organizations.

A timely book for all generations starting with this one alive today.


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