Friday, June 22, 2007

FATHER'S DAY ... June 17, 2007

Our dearest Dad,
You are an amazing father and the best kind of teacher. Happy Father's Day with love...
We're always there for you, because we love you. JJJ.

Dear Dad,
We may not always see things eye to eye..but we always seem to feel things heart to heart...
and when it comes right to it, knowing you're there and that you care is what really matters.
We've always been able to see you eye to eye in most stuff and I'm glad that you're there to guide me on those things that we don't. Thanks. Dad, Love B

Dear lolo,
Thank you for all the love you're shown me and for always encouraging me to pursue my goals and passions. I believe I am where I am today in part because of you. Thank you. M.
P.S. Sorry for the sloppy writing I wrote this in the car. [They came over from Sacramento where they reside.]

From both of us with warmest wishes..HAPPY FATHER'S DAY...what else can we ask for. You're funny, supportive, intelligent, articulate, man of the world, full of stories, sensitive, and so many other wonderful things. Kulang na lang King of the World! Love you Dad, B and G

Hi Dad,
Sorry this is late, but I thought you would not mind..Anyway, I never just honor you on Father's Day, I'm always thankful for you and everything you've done for us. You should be celebrating because you raised five great children especially your youngest :) Happy Father's Day. L and P


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